View of Las Vegas skyline with mountains towering behind it

Best Hikes Near Las Vegas: 11 Awesome Trails Outside Sin City

Las Vegas isn’t all about casinos, bright lights, and entertainment. When visiting, be sure to bring your hiking shoes since some of the US’s greatest hiking trails are just a stone’s throw away!
Big Bend National Park, Texas

Best Hikes in Texas: 9 Top Trails in The Lone Star State

Texas is home to some of the best hiking trails in the nation. A bold statement, sure, but one you’ll be more inclined to agree with after casting an eye over – and trying – some of the gems on this list!
The Canadian flag against the Rocky Mountains in Banff NP

Free Camping in Canada? How and Where to Do It (Legally!)

From the Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, and gnarly wilderness of the Yukon to vast prairielands and the maritime’s red beaches, Canada has everything a camper could wish for. Find out in this guide how to enjoy it for free!
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Best Camping in Indiana: 13 Awesome Sites in the Hoosier State

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Scarborough bluffs facing Ontario Lake shore

Best Camping in Ontario: 15 Must-Visit Canadian Campgrounds

Whether you’re looking for ancient woodland, waterfront views, sand dunes, rolling hills or river-only access, Ontario is one of the great Canadian treats when it comes to camping.
Lone hiker on a mountaintop

Hiking Jobs: 13 Ways to Get Paid to Hike!

Looking to get paid to hike, adventure, and stay on the trail? Whether it’s writing, leading tours, or taking photographs, there are many jobs to keep you hiking all day, every day!
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Nude Hiking: Logistics, Tips, Legality, and Other Info

Looking for a cool breeze, good vibes, and ultimate freedom? Our tips for hiking sans clothing cover everything you need to know for your next au naturel adventure!
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21 Best Hiking Songs to Inspire, Console, and Keep You Going!

Want to improve your music playlist for your next hiking adventure? Whether it’s a slow ballad, a soulful bop, or an electric banger, listening to these songs on the trail is sure to enhance your experience!
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Romantic Camping: 15 Fun & Fabulous Ideas for Camping Couples

Whether you’re heading out on your first date or you’re celebrating your twentieth wedding anniversary, our list of 15 ideas for camping will bring romance to your adventures!