Two hikers hiking across snowy mountain

Hiking in Snow: Safety Advice, Packing Tips, and Expert Hacks 

Looking for winter hiking tips on what to pack, how to stay warm, or how to navigate snowy or icy terrain? Our guide has all the info for your winter hikes!
Packed hiking backpack sitting in field in front of mountains

How to Wash a Hiking Backpack – The Easy Way!

Whether it’s to remove dirt, that sweaty stench, or for your yearly maintenance clean-up, our step-by-step guide has everything you need to get your backpack clean!
Hiker wearing shorts trekking uphill holding poles

Hiking Alone: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Safety Tips

Solo hiking is one of the best ways to build confidence while immersing yourself in nature. Our guide features a series of tips and outlines the benefits and drawbacks of solo trail travel!
Two hikers wearing large backpacks looking at a faraway mountain

Backpack Size Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bag

If you’re tackling one of America’s great thru hikes or simply heading out for a day trip, having the right backpack is essential. In this guide, we break down how to choose the best backpack for your next adventure.
Climber camping out with a tent and a bivy both pitched beside her

Bivy Vs Tent: Which Is Best for Backpacking and Thru-Hiking?

What came first, the bivy bag or the tent? We may not have the answer, but our guide will most certainly break down the pros and cons of using either type of sleeping shelter!
Bear wandering through a forest

What to Do If You See a Bear When Hiking

Seeing a bear in the wild can be magical, but there is no time to mess around – things can get dangerous, fast. Our guide has precautionary and safety tips to help keep you protected.
Woman in hammock looking out over Lake Oregon

Winter Hammock Camping: Expert Tips for Winterizing Your Setup

Whether you’re a hiker, snowshoer, or you simply love sleeping beneath the stars, pitching up your hammock for some cold weather camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors!
mountain lion

What To Do If You See A Mountain Lion On The Trail

Mountain lions are beautiful and elusive animals, but they can be scary. Whether you’re bound for a long thru-hike or going out for the day, knowing what to do if you encounter a mountain lion can save your life.
View of mountains and feet from inside a tent

6 Camping Tent Flooring Ideas You’ll Love!

Whether you’re camping on sand, grit, soil, or snow, a little added protection can go a long way to improving your nights in the tent. In this guide, we reveal 6 simple ways in which it can be done.