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How Much Water for Hiking?: H20 Measurements & Logistics Explained

How much water do you need on a hike? Don’t risk your health and enjoyment while venturing into wild places. Check out our tips for calculating the correct amount of water to take, as well as the best methods for carrying it. Ensuring that you will stay hydrated should be a primary planning concern for every adventure.

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Helton Creek Falls Hiking Trail Guide

In Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest, Helton Creek Falls is a wonderful option for those wanting to experience the splendor of nature on a short hike. Check out our guide on how to get there, what to expect & what to bring.

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Pemi Loop, New Hampshire – Backpacking Trail Guide

Connecting eight 4,000+ ft. summits throughout the western half of the beautiful Pemigewasset Wilderness, the Pemi Loop is considered one of the most sought-after accomplishments for all hikers in the northeast United States.

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Munra Point Hiking Trail Guide

Munra Point should be on every Columbia River Gorge visitors list of things to do. Check out our trail guide for tips on planning, route finding and what to bring.

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Arethusa Falls Hiking Trail Guide

Introduction The Arethusa Falls Trail is located within New Hampshire’s Crawford Notch State Park, which itself is contained within the larger White Mountains National Forest. While many, mistakenly, refer to Arethusa Falls as the highest … Read more >>

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Going in the Woods: How to Dig a Cathole

One of the seven principals of Leave No Trace tackles the issue of human waste, so on a personal level, how do we accomplish this? We’ll guide you through the what? the why? the when? and the how? of digging a cathole in the woods.