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Best Hikes in CT (Connecticut): The Top Trails in the Constitution State

With mountains, beaches, lakes, and forests, there’s something for everyone in the great state of Connecticut. Explore the Constitution State on one of these 10 hand-picked trails!
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Hammock Camping 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Hammock-Based Adventures

Switching your tent for a hammock may seem challenging at first. But with the right gear and know-how, anyone can enjoy the great outdoors in a hammock. We introduce you to the process in this guide!
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9 Essential Hammock Knots To Know For Your Next Camping Trip

If you want to go hammocking, you’ll need to have some solid knot-tying skills. We’ll introduce you to 9 crucial knots to help you feel confident in your hammock pitching abilities before your next adventure.
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How to Hang a Hammock: Your Complete Guide

Hammocking at home or in the mountains is a sure-fire way to ensure that you enjoy your time in the great outdoors. Learn what to do to setup a hammock correctly in our guide.
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What to Wear Hiking in the Spring

Stoked about your next spring hike but don’t know what to wear? You’re not alone. Check out our layer-by-layer guide to dressing for your spring hiking adventures.
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The Essential Hammock Hang Calculator: Hammocking Demystified

Hanging a hammock doesn’t have to involve a PhD in Newtonian physics. Our calculator gives you all the information you need for the perfect hang, every time.
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The Best Warm Fabrics For Winter Hiking & Backpacking

Selecting the best cozy clothing material for your winter layering system can be tricky. We’ve got you covered with these 6 great options to consider for your next cold weather adventure.
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Hammock Camping With A Dog: Your Go-To Guide

Camping with your dog is a fun, rewarding, and exciting adventure. Doing it in a hammock is even better! We cover the ins and outs of hammocking with your pup to ensure your trip is one to remember.
Women melting snow with stove

Can You Melt Snow and Drink It?

It can be hard to find fresh water while winter camping. Here’s what you need to know about melting snow for drinking water in the great outdoors.