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The Ultimate Camping Food List

Want to enjoy more satisfying, fun, and nutritious meals on your camping trips? We’ve got you covered! Plan delicious meals for your whole camping crew with our straightforward checkable list and menus.

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Hiking in Hot Weather: 9 Tips to Beat the Heat

Hot temperatures can be oppressive and even dangerous while hiking… but only if you aren’t prepared! Learn how to stay safe and have fun in the heat with these 9 easy-to-follow tips.

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Why Do My Hands Swell When I Hike?

Ever felt your hands get puffy while hiking and you don’t know why? Find out the answer and some useful tips for preventing sausage fingers in this informative guide.

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Camping Food Ideas (No Cooking Required!)

Conquer your hunger and satisfy your cravings with these 24 awesome no-cook camping meals. We’ve included everything from hearty breakfasts and luscious lunches to filling evening meals and delicious desserts.