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Parts of a Hiking Boot Explained

When looking for a new pair of boots, understanding the “anatomy” of a hiking boot comes in handy – we walk you through all the terms and jargon.

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How To Pitch A Tent In Any Terrain

Pitching a tent may seem simple to a beginner, but learning how to pitch you tent on different terrains requires different techniques. We show you how.

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How to Stop Tent Condensation

Is tent condensation something we campers just have to live with? Thankfully, there are a few tricks that can help stop tent condensation.

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How Waterproof Are Tents?

Learn how tent water-proofing is rated, and if your tent is hardy enough to handle monsoon like conditions out in the woods.

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Why Do Tents Get So Hot?

Trying to sleep in a tent cum furnace is rarely fun, but why do these thin shelters get so warm? and how what can you do to help keep them cool?