Campsite setup with tents and chairs and fire

Setting Up a Campsite: Tips & Hacks

Throwing your bag down & pitching your tent on the first flat spot isn’t necessarily the way to go – Learn how to setup camp the smart way with our guide.

how to store a tent correctly featimage

How To Store a Tent Correctly

It may be the last thing you want to do, but storing your tent correctly should be done if you want to keep it in good condition for your next trip.

hiking backpacking mosquito bite prevention treatment featimage

Hiking & Backpacking Mosquito Bite Prevention & Treatment

Mosquitos can turn any hiking trip into an exercise in anger management. However, we are here with a wealth of tips on mosquito bite prevention and treatment that will let you enjoy your time in even the most mosquito-infested backpacking locations

external vs internal frame backpacks featimage

External Vs Internal Backpacks: Which Frame Type is Better?

An External vs Internal Frame Backpack? Which is Better? We’re going to take a look at those differences by doing a bit of digging into the merits of the external frame backpack and weighing them up against the benefits of the more common (nowadays), internal frame backpack to help you decide what is right for you!

how to layer clothes featimage

How to Layer for Cold Weather When Hiking

Most folks assume that throwing on as many layers as possible is the best way to defeat the cold. However, a 3-Layer system is actually more efficient at preventing the chills. Learn how to layer clothes like the pros to stay warm when your outdoors this winter with our straightforward guide.