Sawnee Mountain Hiking Trail Guide featimage

Sawnee Mountain Hiking Trail Guide

Any trip through the Southeast practically necessitates a hike to the Sawnee Mountain Preserve, best known for its Indian Seats trail. It’s a vigorous trip with a great view. Check out our guide on when to go, how to get there & what to bring.

how to identify treat poison ivy featimage

How to Identify & Treat Exposure to Poison Ivy

Spend enough time outdoors, and you’re sure to encounter that dastardly villain commonly known as poison ivy rash. Learning how to identify and treat the rash is a valuable skill to have if you plan to spend much time trekking around the backcountry. Check out our guide to find out how.

camping food recipes featimage

89+ Camping Food Recipes For You To Try!

That rumbling feeling of an empty belly is never so loud as it is while in the outdoors, so a collection of the best camping food recipes is essential to an enjoyable trip. We’ve managed to round up over 89 of the best camping food recipes for you to try on your next trip!

edible bugs featimage

Dining on Creepy Crawlies: Finding & Preparing Edible Bugs

If more than 2 billion people globally are eating bugs, it may not be as weird or gross as it seems. Edible bugs are packed with nutrition and could help you survive during an emergency in the wild, or diversify your meals on your next hiking trip. Find out which bugs are edible and how to prepare them in our guide.

Rae Lakes Loop Backpacking Trail Guide featimage

Rae Lakes Loop Backpacking Trail Guide

Rae Lakes Loop is one of California’s most popular outdoor destinations with good reason: it’s gonna blow your mind. Immersed in everything the High Sierras have to offer, from sub-alpine ridges to meadows in the mountain, it’s an amazing experience. Let us help you take you there with our backpacking guide!

Laguna Coast Wilderness Hiking Trail Guide featimage

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Trail Guide

A small oasis of green in LA, the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is a must-visit if you are in the area and need a dose of Nature. We cover planning, parking, and give some of our trail recommendations in our guide.

three sisters falls Hiking Trail Guide featimage

Three Sisters Falls Hiking Trail Guide

The Three Sisters Falls offers some great views just outside San Diego in the Cleveland National Forest. However, this trail will eat you up if you are not prepared. We take you through all you need to know to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip to these beautiful falls.