Man filling his camel pack with water from a forest spring

How to Use a Hydration Pack

Wearing a hydration pack is an easy way to stay hydrated during outdoor activities. Here’s what to know to get started using a hydration backpack, including how to choose one, how to fill it, and how to clean it.

best thermos hiking camping featimage

Best Thermoses & Insulated Bottles for Hiking & Camping

If your planning to keep your favorite beverage either boiling hot or icy cold for hours while you are enjoying the great outdoors, then you’ll need a great thermos. We break down the best thermoses and insulated bottles available on the market so you can choose one specifically tailored to your needs.

Women melting snow with stove

Can You Melt Snow and Drink It?

It can be hard to find fresh water while winter camping. Here’s what you need to know about melting snow for drinking water in the great outdoors.