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One of the first things novice hikers learn is that regular city-wear just won’t cut it in the wilds.  When hiking, we’re exposed to the elements in a way that we aren’t at any other time. To ensure we stay healthy and can perform to our best, we need the best threads our budgets will allow. For the most part, this means technical clothing that’s specially designed to protect you against the sun, wind, rain, snow, and all the rest of it, too.   

From sunhats and outdoor leggings to down jackets and rain pants and jackets to keep you dry when hiking in the rain, for every situation and every body part, there’s a piece of clothing made to keep you healthy, happy, and comfortable on the trail. 

And the way you wear it’s important, too. Hiking clothes will perform better than regular duds even if thrown on willy nilly. However, you’ll get the best performance out of them if you can master the layering system and learn to tweak it for different conditions. 

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Outdoor Footwear

No part of our anatomy needs more taking care of when hiking than our feet. This is true whether you’re only putting in a handful of miles on the trail or out on a multi-day backpacking hike. In both cases, wearing the wrong footwear is just about the surest way to turn your trip from a fun-filled adventure into a true sufferfest.  

Both hiking shoes and hiking boots are designed to provide your feet with added support and protection against the elements. Not only that, they’re typically more robust, comfortable, and offer far better grip on the muddy, rocky, and loose terrain you’re likely to encounter on the trail.Once you’ve sourced your footwear, all you have to do is to learn how to tie your boots or shoes in the way best suited to your foot size and shape, and choose a pair of trail-worthy hiking socks that will absorb shock, let your feet breathe, and dry quickly if you get them wet.

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