Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area, Nevada

Best Camping in Nevada: Top 11 Silver State Campgrounds

This guide to Nevada’s top campgrounds covers everything you need to get outdoors in the Silver State. Whether it’s sleeping under an aspen grove or tucking yourself in next to Lake Tahoe, these campsites have something for every type of camper.
Red Rock Canyon landscape in Nevada

Best Hikes in Nevada: 13 Stunning Trails in The Silver State

In our guide to Nevada’s top trails, we’ve covered the best there is in the Silver State. Whether it’s epic views of the Hoover Dam or Lake Tahoe’s crisp mountain air, these treks will inspire you to get outdoors.
Vista of Red Rock Canyon

Best Hikes in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Ready to explore the most scenic trails in Nevada's Red Rock Canyon? From red-banded canyons to towering peaks and ancient petroglyphs, this little hiker’s heaven offers some of the best scenery anywhere!
View of Las Vegas skyline with mountains towering behind it

Best Hikes Near Las Vegas: 11 Awesome Trails Outside Sin City

Las Vegas isn’t all about casinos, bright lights, and entertainment. When visiting, be sure to bring your hiking shoes since some of the US’s greatest hiking trails are just a stone’s throw away!