Man sitting next t o a waterfall

Best Rain Pants for Hiking & Backpacking in 2023

You can’t always predict when Mother Nature will throw a downpour your way, but you can prepare! In our guide we recommend our favorite waterproof pants and also what features to keep an eye out for in the best rain pants.

Hiker wearing beanie standing in front of mountains

Best Hiking Beanie for All-Weather Adventurers

As we lose up to 10% of body heat through our heads it’s a good idea to get yourself some head-specific clothing. Check out our selection of awesome hiking beanies to keep you warm on your winter adventures.

Ranger wearing a hat, backpack and utility belt

Best Hiking Belt For Outdoor Adventures In 2023

Tired of struggling to maintain a pace, incessantly pulling up your pants, or inadvertently mooning your companions when reaching for that summit high-five? If so, it’s time to upgrade your garb with one of these awesome, trail-worthy hiking belts.