Lone hiker on a mountaintop

Hiking Jobs: 13 Ways to Get Paid to Hike!

Looking to get paid to hike, adventure, and stay on the trail? Whether it’s writing, leading tours, or taking photographs, there are many jobs to keep you hiking all day, every day!

Hiking friends on top of mountain watching the sunset

How to Find Hiking Buddies

Hiking is better when shared with friends. Use this comprehensive guide to discover how and where to find your next partner in adventure, whether online or in person.

71 Inspirational Hiking Quotes featimage

71 Inspirational Hiking Quotes to Get You Motivated

Don’t look any further for outdoors inspiration! We have collected together over 70 hiking quotes from Sir Edmund Hillary, John Muir and my friend Bill to help inspire and motivate you to leave your comfy chair and get into the wild.

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Leave No Trace Principles: A Complete Guide

Leave No Trace is a philosophy on how to conduct yourself while out on the trail – leaving nature pristine and readily enjoyable for whoever follows you. Follow our guide and you will forever only leave footprints.