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How Can We Help You Improve Your Navigational Skills?

The ability to navigate out in the backcountry is an invaluable, and we would argue probably the most important skill you can possess when spending time out in the wild. 

Even those of us who typically hike well maintained, sign-posted trails are well advised to possess a map & compass and know how to use them. You never know when you get so distracted by the beauty of the wilds around you that you miss your trail marker, or if the trail marker has been damaged or destroyed by weather or vandals.

Our in-house experts cover a range of navigation related subjects to bring you actionable advice to help you improve your skills and knowledge, to make all your future trips that much more enjoyable. Happy Trails!

Looking for Navigational Tips & Gear?

You’re in the right place! In this guide we will be covering the following:

  • How to use your map, compass or GPS correctly.
  • Reviews of the best gear, and our unbiased picks of the top products.
  • Advanced navigational skills and techniques.


  • Take navigational devices with you (including an emergency back-up)
  • Ensure you know how to use your compass/map/GPS unit before you go.
  • Plan your route prior to your trip


  • Don’t assume your hiking buddy is bringing the map – take your own.
  • Don’t forget to leave a copy of your route with someone in case you don’t return on time.

Navigational Devices Reviews

Whether you lost your last compass in a ravine, or are trading in your outdated brick of a GPS for a top of the range hiking watch – we’ve done the legwork for you with our in-depth reviews.

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