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How to Keep Feet Warm on Winter Hikes

However, avoiding frigid trotters and foot-fingers is easily done, as our short, straight-talking guide on how to keep your feet warm on a cold-weather hike will demonstrate.


How Do Hand Warmers Work?

Far from being a mystical item, hand warmers use some basic chemistry to keep your digits warm. Sit back as we break down the science for ya!

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How to Prevent & Treat Hiking Blisters

What is the bane of any hikers life? Blisters! As they say prevention is better than cure so learn how to prevent them from forming, and if it’s too late for that then find out what to do to treat them best.

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Universal Edibility Test: Practice Caution When Eating Raw

I spent my childhood eating weird things, but I was always fascinated with edible plants. Often returning from the woods with a sizable portion of roots, berries, and leaves, but I would never have made it very far without knowing the universal edibility test. Learn how to test plants are safe to eat with our guide.

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Hiking & Backpacking Mosquito Bite Prevention & Treatment

Mosquitos can turn any hiking trip into an exercise in anger management. However, we are here with a wealth of tips on mosquito bite prevention and treatment that will let you enjoy your time in even the most mosquito-infested backpacking locations

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How to Identify & Treat Exposure to Poison Ivy

Spend enough time outdoors, and you’re sure to encounter that dastardly villain commonly known as poison ivy rash. Learning how to identify and treat the rash is a valuable skill to have if you plan to spend much time trekking around the backcountry. Check out our guide to find out how.

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Survivor: Survival Skills for any Emergency Situation

Would you know what to do in an emergency situation in the wild? We are exposed to a variety of dangers in the backcountry and often need to be entirely self-sufficient. We guide you through the most fundamental survival skills and prevention strategies to ensure you are ready to deal with any dangers that arise.