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Best Rain Pants for Hiking & Backpacking [2021 Edition]

Packing a pair of waterproof pants may not always be necessary, but you can’t always predict when Mother Nature will throw a downpour your way. We run you through what to look for & give our recommendations for the best rain pants on the market today.

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Best Mountaineering Pants For Alpine Adventures

Whether you’re a dedicated ice climber or a light-and-fast alpinist, you need a quality pair of mountaineering pants for your adventures. Our guide reviews 7 top mountaineering trousers on the market to help you find the perfect pair.

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How to Wash a Rain Jacket

Failing to treat your rain jacket to a little TLC once in a while can have a serious impact on its long-term performance. Learn how that TLC’s done in this straight-talking, easy-to-follow guide.

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Why Does Rain Gear Wet Out?

Gear wetting out in the rain? We’ve been there, done that, and acquired the smarts on how to prevent and mitigate the problem along the way. In this short, straight-talking guide, we tell you how it’s done.