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Best Crater Lake Hikes: 10 Top Trails to Try

Have you ever wanted to explore a volcano or see the bluest blue waters known to man? All this and much more awaits you on each of the awesome hiking trails featured on our list of the top ten hikes in Crater Lake National Park.

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Best Hiking Umbrella For All-Weather Protection

Rain jackets get all the glory, don’t they? No more! In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, we’ll introduce you to another highly practical and trail-worthy alternative that’s also mightily handy for sun protection, too.

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Best Hikes in Utah: A Red-Rock Romance

Few states do otherworldly, outlandish, and downright awe-inspiring quite like Utah. Discover the best of the beehive state in our guide to its top 12 trails. Just don’t forget to leave your claustrophobia and fear of heights at home!