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Hiking in Colorado Springs: 8 Breathtaking Trails

Our guide to hitting the trails in and around Colorado Springs gives you the lowdown on the 8 best hikes in the area. From family-friendly strolls to challenging all-day adventures, our list has something for everyone!

An axe lodged into a tree stump in front of a stack of logs for firewood

How Long Does Firewood Take to Dry?

Seasoning your firewood properly is important for a number of reasons: heat output, fuel efficiency, and even your health. Want to learn how it’s done and how long it will be before your green wood’s good to burn? Read on!

Woman laying out a tarp sheet

Should I Use a Tarp Under My Tent?

Tarps have myriad uses in the great outdoors. But should you be using yours under your tent? In this guide, discover why using a tarp is a good idea and how to use one to good effect when wet-weather camping.