Woman sitting beside a tent looking out over mountains

9 Tips for a Solo Female Camping Trip

Can you be safe while camping alone as a woman? Heck yeah! Don’t let fear or apprehension make you miss out on the freedom and satisfaction of camping solo. Just follow these 9 tips to enjoy a memorable, and safe, camping trip.

An axe lodged into a tree stump in front of a stack of logs for firewood

How Long Does Firewood Take to Dry?

Seasoning your firewood properly is important for a number of reasons: heat output, fuel efficiency, and even your health. Want to learn how it’s done and how long it will be before your green wood’s good to burn? Read on!

how to whittle featimage

Backcountry Skills: How to Whittle

If you like to work with your hands, you’re guaranteed to find something worthwhile when learning how to whittle. It’s a great past time in the outdoors, so read on and grab a knife, some wood, and let’s get to work.