A large propane tank attached to the back of a vehicle

How to Connect, Use, and Refill a Camp Stove Propane Tank

Learning how to prepare meals in the great outdoors is an essential part of camping. In this article, we’re exploring everything you need to know about using a propane cylinder with a camping stove, including how to connect, use, and refill them.
Aerial view of the Potomac River, Maryland

Best Hikes in Maryland: 15 Unmissable Trails in The Free State

Whether it’s trekking to see the state’s tallest waterfall at Cunningham Falls or scrambling up boulders on the famous Goat Trail, these are the top trails in Maryland.
Big Pine Lakes, California

Big Pine Lakes Trail: A Guide to One of California’s Top Hikes

Take in breathtaking views of glacial lakes surrounded by towering snowy peaks on this hike through the John Muir Wilderness. Our guide covers all the need-to-know info and features a step-by-step trail description.
Pacific Crest Trail, California

Backpacking in California: 15 Amazing Multi-Day Itineraries

With its sandy beaches, snowy mountains, and acres of pristine wilderness, California is a backpacker’s dream destination. In this guide to the best backpacking trips, we’re covering the top multi-day treks in the Golden State.
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Best Hikes in Georgia: 11 Must-Do Trails in the Peach State 

Whether you plan on day hiking along the famous Appalachian Trail or backpacking in the scenic Chattahoochee National Forest, this guide to Georgia’s top trails covers everything you need to know to get outdoors in the Peach State.
Mountains of Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Hiking in South Dakota: Top Trails in The Mount Rushmore State

Whether it’s wandering through Badlands or trekking around Custer State Park, the hikes in our guide will inspire you to get outdoors in the Mount Rushmore State.
Camping dishes drying in the sun

How to Wash Dishes While Camping

Knowing how to properly clean the dishes after a satisfying meal around the campfire is an essential part of camping. This tutorial covers the gear you need and what to know to deal with dish washing while camping.
Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area, Nevada

Best Camping in Nevada: Top 11 Silver State Campgrounds

This guide to Nevada’s top campgrounds covers everything you need to get outdoors in the Silver State. Whether it’s sleeping under an aspen grove or tucking yourself in next to Lake Tahoe, these campsites have something for every type of camper.
Tonti Canyon, Illinois

Best Hiking in Illinois: 11 Top Trails in the Prairie State

Whether it’s exploring Shawnee National Forest or walking around Ferne Clyffe Lake, these treks will inspire you to get outdoors in the state of Illinois. Our guide covers the top trails in the Prairie State and everything you'll need to know about them.
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