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Best Multi-Tool For Backpacking [2023 Edition]

Struggling to find the perfect multi tool for backpacking but don’t know where to start? We created this guide to the top backpacking multi tools available today so you can have the gear you need in the mountains.

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Best Mountaineering Pants For Alpine Adventures

Whether you’re a dedicated ice climber or a light-and-fast alpinist, you need a quality pair of pants for your adventures. Our guide reviews 7 top mountaineering pants to help you find the perfect pair.

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Best Hikes In Kings Canyon National Park

Whether you want to walk among giant sequoias or trek into the alpine, Kings Canyon National Park is a must-visit. Our list of the 11 best hiking trails in Kings Canyon has everything you need to plan your next trip.

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What to Wear Hiking in the Spring

Stoked about your next spring hike but don’t know what to wear? You’re not alone. Check out our layer-by-layer guide to dressing for your spring hiking adventures.

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Can You Melt Snow and Drink It?

It can be hard to find fresh water while winter camping. Here’s what you need to know about melting snow for drinking water in the great outdoors.