A group of mountaineers scaling a cliff face

Best Mountaineering Pants For Alpine Adventures

Whether you’re a dedicated ice climber or a light-and-fast alpinist, you need a quality pair of pants for your adventures. Our guide reviews 7 top pants to help you find the perfect pair for you mountaineering escapades.

best wool shirts - featimg

Best Wool Shirts For Performance On The Trail

Woolen hiking shirts don’t have to be itchy and uncomfortable. In this guide, check out our favorites for hiking and outdoor adventure and learn more about this miracle fabric and how it performs on the trail.

Kings River in Kings Canyon National Park

Best Hikes In Kings Canyon National Park

Boasting massive giant sequoias, scenic vistas, and rugged peaks, Kings Canyon National Park is one of California’s foremost trekking destinations.

That being said, in an amazing park such as Kings Canyon NP, which offers hundreds of miles of trails to choose from, selecting a handful of treks for your next trip isn’t easy.

To help ensure that your next trip to Kings Canyon goes off without a hitch, we created this list of the top 11 hikes in the park. Up next, we’ll walk you through the best hikes in Kings Canyon so you can make the most of your time in the Sierra.