Packed hiking backpack sitting in field in front of mountains

How to Wash a Hiking Backpack – The Easy Way!

Whether it’s to remove dirt, that sweaty stench, or for your yearly maintenance clean-up, our step-by-step guide has everything you need to get your backpack clean!
Man filling his camel pack with water from a forest spring

How to Use a Hydration Pack

Wearing a hydration pack is an easy way to stay hydrated during outdoor activities. Here’s what to know to get started using a hydration backpack, including how to choose one, how to fill it, and how to clean it.
Osprey Daylite Product Review featimage

Osprey Daylite Review: Hiking Daypacks

The Osprey Daylite is a great lightweight, comfortable and easy to use hiking (or town/travelling/studying) daypack. Read our full review for the lowdown.
Dog head sticking out of a dog carrier backpack

Best Dog Backpack Carrier for Hiking: Top 6 Rides

If you think bags for carrying your dog are just for fashion or airplanes, think again! Keep your hiking buddy safe and happy with our top recommendations for dog backpacks.
how to pack a backpack featimage

How To Pack a Backpack – Are You Doing it Right?

If you didn't already know there is most definetely a right and a wrong way to organize your hiking backpack. If you load up incorrectly, you may be in for days of hassle and back pain. We've drawn up this easy guide to show you how to pack the right way, every time.
Green metal water flask sitting on rock in front of a river

Hydro Flask vs Yeti Rambler: Which is the Better Water Bottle?

Like your water cold and your coffee hot? Find out which water bottle is the better choice for you in our Yeti Rambler vs Hydro Flask drinkware showdown.
best thermos hiking camping featimage

Best Thermos & Insulated Bottles For Hiking & Camping

If your planning to keep your favorite beverage either boiling hot or icy cold for hours while you are enjoying the great outdoors, then you’ll need a great thermos. We break down the best thermoses and insulated bottles available on the market so you can choose one specifically tailored to your needs.
Hiker in snow with headlamp on

Best Headlamps for Hiking: 11 Top Picks Reviewed

Need a new headlamp but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! We’ve reviewed 11 of this year’s top headlamps and included a guide to help you choose the best options for your needs.
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Best Daypacks for Hiking: Field-Trialed & Tested [2024 Update]

Our top-ten list includes daypacks for every occasion, from ultralight models for peak-bagging missions and side trips to comfortable all-day carries for longer trips with heavier loads.