Man crouching on mountaintop wearing t-shirt and holding trekking poles

Breathable Fabric: What is the Best for Hiking and Outdoor Adventure?

In this simple, straight-talking guide, we contrast and compare 7 popular fabrics to help you find the ideal garb for your outdoor adventures. Merino? Bamboo? Cotton? Silk? Read on to find out which is best.
how to layer clothes featimage

How to Layer for Cold Weather When Hiking

Most folks assume that throwing on as many layers as possible is the best way to defeat the cold. However, a 3-Layer system is actually more efficient at preventing the chills. Learn how to layer clothes like the pros to stay warm when your outdoors this winter with our straightforward guide.
why cotton kills hiking featimage

Why Cotton Kills: Discovering the Dark Side to This Popular Fabric

Cotton is a useful fabric for many activities, but, for protection from the elements, it is downright dangerous. We run you through why cotton kills, what to wear instead and how to practice a basic layering system to keep you warm and safe on your next outdoors adventure.
Hydrostatic Head featimage

What Is Hydrostatic Head? A Layman’s Guide

HH or Hydrostatic Head is a commonly used expression by clothing and tent manufacturers to tout their wares, but what exactly does it mean?
what is DWR featimg

DWR: What Is It & How Does It Keep You Dry?

Durable Water Repellant (DWR) is a common feature in modern rain gear. We explain what it is, how it works, and why some people take issue with it.
Hiker scrambling wearing Patagonia Dual Aspect Jacket

Patagonia Dual Aspect Jacket Review

The Dual Aspect is the latest entry in Patagonia’s line up of technical rain shells. In this post, we reveal how it performed in the field and why it should be on your radar.