Looking up at a man wearing ice boots with crampons while climbing a frozen waterfall

Best Ice Climbing Boots: How to Choose and Our Top 8 Picks

In this guide, we introduce you to the best boots out there for adventures on the frozen stuff. From lightweight boots for mountaineering and occasional ice climbs to double boots for high-altitude endeavors, our list has something for everyone!

Person walking with microspikes attached to their boots

Best Microspikes for Safe Winter Hiking

Don’t let a little snow and ice keep you off the trails this winter. Check out the 9 awesome pairs of microspikes on our list and get ready to strut safely over even the slickest terrain.

how to pack crampons featimg hero

How to Pack Crampons Safely

How are we to ensure our cherished, pricey camping gear, clothing, etc. stay puncture and tear-free while carrying crampons?

In this article, we’ll explain how it’s done with a simple, fuss-free guide.

how to snowshoe featimg hero

SnowShoeing 101: How to Snowshoe

Hiking in winter doesn’t have to be off the cards, but it does require some different skills – learn the art of snowshoeing with our in-depth guide.